Contact with our vessels manned and on the water is through Coastguard Operations Room (09) 303 1303 or mobile *500
On the water our vessels maintain:
• VHF 80
• VHF 82
• VHF 16.
Or local Coastguard channel. They also have a private UHF channel.
When the vessels are unmanned use Contact page on this website.



Auckland Coastguard runs a group of vessels to support the operation of its Dedicated Rescue Vessels.
As you can read in the history pages, privately owned vessels belonging to our members have long been the backbone of the organisation.
Of course their role is much diminished with so many Coastguard units in the region. Also Maritime New Zealand has taken a stand against vessels not in survey being involved in the work as it is considered for hire or reward.
However, the law of the sea has always depended on vessels of opportunity, whatever turns up when the call goes out. As such our Auxiliary vessels with their trained Skippers are often the first on the scene when boaties are in trouble.
It is not unusual for the crew of an Auxiliary to supplement the crew on a Dedicated Rescue Vessel before it heads off to a task where a protracted search or recovery effort may be expected.

Left. Vice Captain [Auxiliary] Bart Lincoln.

In many cases the Auxiliary vessels will be out on the water during the week, or on weekends in locations where there are no DRV close. The AV can then save a lot of time and money for all parties by getting on and sorting things out.
There are times when a DRV is engaged in a tow and a big job comes up. AV are very adept at taking up a "relay tow" and keeping things on the boil so the DRV can head off.
Auckland provides assistance for a wide range of public events e.g. The Auckland Masters Harbour Swims. Our AV have a strong presence at these events guarding from incursion by boaties and assisting the swimmers when they get into difficulty or start heading in the wrong direction.
Some of our bigger vessels have in earlier days been Private Rescue Vessels and their owners are all Senior Masters on our DRV Fleet.