Adam Wickes, Chairman, Rescue Vessel Committee

Adam Wickes
RV Captain and Chairman of the Rescue Vessel Committee

Coastguard Auckland own, maintain and operate these vessels.

The vessels were purchased with the support of our Principal Sponsors, Coastguard New Zealand, Coastguard Northern Region and fundraising within the community and boating public.

The vessels were either constructed to our exact specifications or in the case of ASB Rescue the vessel has been extensively modified from the previous owners' (Emirates Team New Zealand) needs.

We operate at our own expense but are compensated when our vessels are tasked on official Coastguard Operations.

Our vessels are in Maritime New Zealand Survey as well meeting RNZ Coastguard Standards and are operated in accordance with the maritime laws of New Zealand. Our Masters must hold a Maritime NZ Masters certificate and RNZ Coastguard Certificate of Competency.

The principal purpose of these vessels is the saving of life, and although we are not responsible for salvage and recovery of vessels or property, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure vessels are not lost at sea.


Lion Foundation Rescue HRV
Our 15m Foil Assisted Catamaran.
Carries out overnight patrols 1800 Friday to 2100 Sunday and Public Holidays. Capable deployments five days + . On Scene Command and Heavy Rescue. Vessel. Carries 3.5m RIB (Jet Drive) in a garage in the stern.
Crew live onboard during duty.

ASB Rescue 18m Protector HRV
Carries out overnight patrols 1800 Friday to 2100 Sunday and Public Holidays. Capable deployments five days + . On Scene Command and Heavy Rescue. Vessel. Carries 3.5m RIB (Jet Drive). Purchased from Emirates Team New Zealand and refitted to our specifications.
Crew live onboard during duty.

Trillian Rescue Alpha 9.5m Naiad DRV
Patrols Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Purpose designed to our specifications. 250hp Yamaha Outboards. Full suite Raymarine electronics, ICOM radios and Hella lights.
Crew leave the boat at the end of the days operations but are on pager for immediate recall for the duration of their duty.

From its earliest days until at least the 1980s Auckland Coastguard was dependent on volunteers offering their own vessels for search and rescue. Auckland Coastguard was buiding its own vessels but generally the bulk of the work kept the Cutter Group flag flying until the last rostered private vessel was stood down in 2015.
Today there is still a call for the services of privately owned vessels with Coastguard trained Skippers. These Auxiliary Vessels operate under the control of the Auxiliary Vice Captain.

CUESPORT ONE ASB RESCUE A 3.8m Wavebreak custom RIB built by GP Engineering in Nelson. 90hp Mercury Sport Jet and is carried aboard ASB Rescue as her tender .
Chart plotter/Fishfinder, VHF Radio, TrackPlus.
For Medivac has custom stretcher brackets.
Crews must pass a navigation, handling.,safe practice and handling test before being awarded a Coxwains Certificate. With her 30kt speed advantage she is ideal for immediate medical response.

LION CUB - LION FOUNDATION RESCUE is a water-jet powered, GRP rigid hull inflatable, designed by Explorer Inflatable Craft.
3.0m 1.63m beam, 1000cc Toyota Panther EFI 4 stroke, Cruise 21 Maximum 28 kts. Stretcher mounts, VHF, Plotter Sounder. Carried in 'enclosed garage' port aft.
Crew of two [operator certification required].

Auckland Coastguard maintains small RIBs These are used for a wide range of tender type duties e.g. Cross Harbour Swims.
They are also used as back-up craft for the daughter boats on ASB and LION
They are fitted with 15hp outboards and crewed by those who have passed our small boat certificate course.